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How to Pay for a Bitcoin Invoice? Step-By-Step Guide

To pay a Bitcoin invoice, you will need a working Bitcoin wallet and some bitcoins to make the purchase.
To complete the payment, you will have a time window of 20 minutes.


(If you wish to pay with Altcoins please choose the "Pay with Altcoins" Tab)

In the Amount field, enter the amount of bitcoins you want to send. Our advice is to copy the exact BTC value from the invoice. If your Bitcoin wallet only allows a certain amount of digits, then you should round the amount to the higher side to avoid underpaying. For the invoice above, if allowed 4 digits past the decimal, transfer 0.0090 BTC.

In the Pay to field, enter the Bitcoin address to which you want to send the payment. Always make sure that the Bitcoin address you are sending to is correct.

There are four ways to get the invoice Bitcoin address into your wallet:

  • manually select and copy the Bitcoin address from the CoinGate invoice to your wallet;
  • (2) click the copy button, and paste the invoice Bitcoin address in your wallet;
  • click on “Pay with Bitcoin” on the invoice; the button will open Electrum or another Software wallet with the correct invoice Bitcoin address and payment value already inserted in the required fields;
  • scan the QR code with your mobile Bitcoin wallet or with Electrum.


We recommend leaving the Fee slider in the default position. Reducing the transaction fee may cause a confirmation delay on the Bitcoin network, resulting in unwanted problems. Leaving the default fee will let Electrum calculate the required Bitcoin network transaction fee automatically.

Confirm the transaction details once again, and proceed to click Send. You will then be prompted to 1) enter your password and 2) to confirm (or cancel) the transaction.

 After the transaction is sent, you will immediately see a confirmation message, because our system will detect the incoming transaction automatically.

If you are making a small purchase, the transaction will be confirmed immediately. Meanwhile, if the transaction is bigger, you may have to wait for it to be confirmed by the Bitcoin network.

Your Bitcoin invoice is paid! Great job – the merchant is notified and will soon process your order.